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“One Of The Biggest Disasters Facing Retirees” as featured on

You’ve turned in your notice. You have your last workday scheduled. You’ve started moving your assets to a new advisor, who has assured you that your portfolio will perform, and you won’t run out of money later in life.  All . . .
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As you sit by the warm fire and look out the window at the snowfall — perhaps with a cup of hot cocoa — consider the following question: Are you really prepared for retirement? Your trust is set up, your . . .
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One of the Most Common Disasters Faced by Retirees Today

You’ve turned in your notice, you have your last workday scheduled, and you’re set up to move your assets to a new advisor. The new advisor has assured you that your portfolio will perform, and you will not run out . . .
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Giving Back and Getting More from Your Charitable Contributions

My daughter, Tracy Dahms, is involved in the National FFA Organization and teaches agricultural sciences and biology with the Saranac School System. Here, she is pictured with me next to a sign recognizing the “Grand Champion of Giving” as part . . .
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Do We Change for Change, or Do We Change for the Better?

At age 90, my mom finally got a cell phone with texting capability. She decided to get a cell phone because she heard this technology would allow her to connect with her grandkids and great-grandkids directly. I was with her . . .
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Underperforming Assets: Have you Tuned in to Diversity?

Recently, a client came to me wanting to talk about his portfolio. He had concerns that some of his assets were underperforming. This surprised him because he thought the market had been performing well this year — and he assumed . . .
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