My Best Friend

2020, without a doubt, was a very unusual year. It wasn’t unusual just because of COVID-19 or the election, but something very unusual that stemmed from our clients. One of our current clients gave us the name and contact information of someone else he knew, and I asked him why he was giving us this information.

“He is my best friend! We have been best friends since the fifth grade!” the client exclaimed. He went on to explain that even today, their families did everything together. Now, decades later, this client was going into retirement and wanted to make sure he and his best friend could continue to do all the same things together. To make that happen, our client wanted to know if his best friend was in a good position financially with his post-retirement income flow and investments.

This story, and others like it, became a major theme in 2020. Many of our clients have siblings, parents, children, coworkers, and others who have become clients of ours. Our clients were looking out for their friends and family so they can enjoy a better retirement.

But they’re not just concerned about retirement. Our clients also know how important it is to maintain continuity from one generation to the next. They want family and friends to have a plan in place for the future because there’s no way to tell what will happen even tomorrow. The more my clients plan, the better they can handle the future.

After 37 years in Florida, my 96-year-old mom (almost 97!) stated that she would be moving back home to be closer to the family. Plus, she has outlived many of her friends down — and some of her doctors — in Florida!

Interestingly enough, many people she knows have become our clients over the years — even the man who power-washes the exterior of her home in Florida! Just like the referrals we received from clients in 2020, my mom has sent us many referrals during her time in Florida. She wanted those people to not only have a stress-free retirement, but also to maintain their services throughout her lifetime.

Referring someone can be an odd situation. You don’t want your family and friends to be put into a position that might compromise or offend them. We’ve always made it a priority to add value to for every referral. We know how important your family and friends are to you — and they’re just as important to us!

Later this year, we may open an office in Florida! Thanks to my mom and referrals from her referrals, our client base in Florida has grown considerably. We’ve heard from Florida clients who want to host a barbecue, a potluck, and even a spaghetti dinner to introduce us to their own family and friends. It might be time to take them up on it!

We feel so blessed and thankful for our clients. In so many ways, our clients are more than “just” clients. They’re family, too. They’ve become a part of our everyday lives as we help them fulfill their dreams, goals, and desires.

If you feel we may be an added benefit to your family and friends, feel free to reach out to us. We’re more than happy to show you how to make a comfortable introduction so the people you care about most get to enjoy their retirement as much as you do!

-Gary Mattson