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Do We Change for Change, or Do We Change for the Better?

At age 90, my mom finally got a cell phone with texting capability. She decided to get a cell phone because she heard this technology would allow her to connect with her grandkids and great-grandkids directly. I was with her when she got the phone. She asked my opinion on which phone to get, so… View Article

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Underperforming Assets: Have you Tuned in to Diversity?

Recently, a client came to me wanting to talk about his portfolio. He had concerns that some of his assets were underperforming. This surprised him because he thought the market had been performing well this year — and he assumed his investments would follow suit. Many people look to the Dow Jones Industrial Average as… View Article

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This is My Turn — Making Changes to Immigration

How can we fix the state of immigration in our country? While it is a complex subject with countless opinions, there are steps that can be done to change things, especially as they relate to taxes and health care. What do I mean? Consider the following … All migrant and foreign workers must obtain a… View Article

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How Will You “Pay It Forward” to the Next Generation?

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a sixth-generation business owner. During our conversation, we talked about their legacy and what they hoped to leave to the next generation. Many people feel they are not rich enough or have enough assets to develop a lasting legacy. The truth is, the legacy is about… View Article


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Should You Invest in the next Apple or Amazon?

Well, we’ve finally come full circle! We are getting into the social club business. I say this with a bit of a laugh, but it’s true. Starting on Monday, July 1, 2019, we will be holding a meeting comprised of individuals who wish to hold social events for our clients. There is still a lot… View Article

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Put an End to the Runaround

You know when you call into a call center because you have a question about a warranty, a bill, an account, or you need to troubleshoot a gadget? You call, you wait for a service agent, and when you’re finally connected, you know you’ve been connected to a foreign call center. Now, my wife and… View Article

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To Roth or Not to Roth

To Roth, or not to Roth. That is the question. You see what I did there? By way of Shakespeare and his classic play “Hamlet,” I brought a little culture to the financial world. Of course, it is a question a lot of people doask, and they’re smart to do so. There’s a lot of… View Article

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