Have I Been Dating T.I.N.A.?

Why Investment Diversification Matters

Bonds are at an all-time low, and federal rate increases have made them even more out of favor in the short run. As a result, many advisors and investors alike have turned to equities for their investments. Those who look strictly to bonds and stocks felt there was no other option. But now, with the war in Ukraine, inflation, and concern over COVID-19 and other dangerous viruses, equities suddenly don’t seem like the best place to keep all of your money.

T.I.N.A. stands for “there is no alternative.” Too many investors fall into this trap. At Mattson Financial Services, we’re always looking at different investment types, including commodities, real estate, private equity, hedge funds, annuities, money markets, and more. We’ve learned that having alternative investments as a part of your portfolio reduces risk and increases potential returns.

There is no one-size-fits-all investing strategy solution for investors. For example, buy and hold is a beneficial investing strategy due to the tax breaks, but bills introduced in Congress indicate that might be going by the wayside. That’s why having access to alternative investments in addition to different types of investing strategies is being diversified. Our portfolios are diversified not only by asset classes but also by investment strategies. By having this diversification, we’re always looking to improve the assets and portfolios of every client.

Imagine your house is the nicest one on the block. The trees are trimmed, the grass is green, the paint is fresh, and everything’s working. How long do you think that would last if you don’t address problems as they crop up? Falling limbs, weeds, storm damage, rust, and drought can quickly leave your home in disrepair if you don’t pay attention. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a beautiful garden without a lot of toiling behind it. Remember, it’s easier to pull a few weeds now versus a lot of weeds in a month or two.

Investments are no different. Whether we’re experiencing a year like 2017 with investments continually rising or the extreme volatility of 2020, we will always face market pressure from some source. But our clients are long- term investors, and we don’t look only at what’s going on this day, week, or month — we look at overall trends in the market and adjust your portfolios with them.

Studies show that long-term investments in precious metals and real estate have performed best against short-term inflation. Asset classes like growth stocks have done well in the past, and through most of 2021 to today, but now value stocks have gotten a lot of attention with solid dividends. However, technology and health care sectors are currently struggling. Will they stay there for long? Time will tell, but we’re protecting your investments for the long haul through every stage of your life.

Before retirement, your investment strategy is about putting money into diverse investments as often as possible, hoping you’ll someday build a nest egg and live off it. Once you retire, you’ll uncover a whole new set of problems and opportunities. It can be a lot to handle on your own; that’s why our motto is “have a stress-free retirement.” At Mattson Financial Services, we’re regularly monitoring your risk assets, and your guaranteed assets to provide an income stream no matter what the markets are doing.

So, sit back, relax, and watch the markets go up and down, knowing you’re taking advantage of whichever way the tide flows next.

If your friends or family are not enjoying the same peace of mind, please invite them to one of our First Friday events and hear portfolio managers explain current market conditions and future opportunities. I look forward to seeing you there, and I hope you enjoy the beginning of summer!