This is My Turn — Making Changes to Immigration

How can we fix the state of immigration in our country? While it is a complex subject with countless opinions, there are steps that can be done to change things, especially as they relate to taxes and health care. What do I mean? Consider the following …

All migrant and foreign workers must obtain a Social Security card for a nominal processing fee of $50 from their local county clerk’s office which would have a state abbreviation attached. For example, in Michigan, the “MI” would be followed by the same set of numbers issued by the Social Security Administration (for instance MI6-55-5555).

The county clerk would forward this information to the Social Security Administration, including name, country of birth, picture, and a right-hand thumbprint. This allows the worker to gainfully work in this country and pay all appropriate taxes, including Social Security tax, while alleviating the burden placed upon business owners to document workers.

Additionally, the business owner would be required to fill out and retain an employment application for workers and maintain a copy of the worker’s Social Security card on file. The foreign worker would supply an additional right-hand thumbprint on the employment application.

The worker also pays into Social Security. However, they are not eligible for Social Security benefits until they become a citizen of the United States. Once a citizen, all wages from that point on would qualify them for normal benefits and would only be paid as long as they resided in the United States.

This would shore up Social Security, and supply agriculture and other industries would get needed migrant workers. At the same time, it would not allow foreign workers to vote — that is still a right of U.S. citizens.

Medical Aid for Foreign Worker Undocumented Alien Program

Once a person fulfills these requirements and has a Social Security card, they would be eligible for necessary medical treatment at any certified medical facility. The medical facility would treat the worker and bill the standard Medicare rates directly to the federal government.

The federal government would deduct costs from the foreign aid we give to the country of origin of the worker. This would reduce insurance rates by reducing free medical costs.

On top of that, we would not need to build a multibillion-dollar wall. Countries would stop illegal immigrants from coming to America to protect their foreign aid funding. We would deduct the amount spent to care for their citizens from their U.S. foreign aid, saving our health care programs millions of dollars, and directly recouping it from their country of origin foreign aid.

Driver’s License for Foreign Worker Undocumented Alien Program

This allows a foreign worker who has the Social Security card to apply for and be issued a driver’s license under all the normal state regulations. This is important because without a valid driver’s license, they cannot get insurance. Without insurance, unlicensed foreign workers are a detriment to those who get into an accident and sustain losses. This alleviates a portion of the automobile insurance rates and protects U.S. citizens from these uninsured drivers.

The standing argument is they are here illegally, which is true. However, they are still here. The U.S. spends billions of dollars to track, deport, and log illegal aliens who are, for the most part, following our societal laws.

We wouldn’t need as much money directed to these issues, and the resources could be put to better use at the border. The border patrol would be better used for the interception of illegal goods, drugs, and to stem the cash flow to those who would try to bring in illegal aliens for cash or human trafficking.

This program has its flaws. The trust of illegal aliens to participate is a major component. With our history of raids and deportation of illegal aliens, support of this program by undocumented and illegal aliens will take time. But once the precedent is established, alien workers would flock to the program.

This is just my take. What’s yours? The only way to make a real difference is for us to change our current laws and develop a program that is good for all, not just a few!

-Gary Mattson